Snap in Pocket v Basic Pocket Nappies

Whats the difference between a Snap in Pocket and a regular Pocket Nappy?

Snap in Pocket Nappy v Basic Traditional Pocket Cloth Nappy? 

Lots of terms - it can be confusing, so whats the difference? Cloth Nappy Brands are constantly taking feedback from cloth parents and trying to come up with new ways of improving products to make cloth nappy life easier. As a result we end up with lots of hybrid nappies which feature the best parts of different styles of nappies. 

Basic Traditional Pocket Cloth Nappies

The Pocket Nappy as we know it traditionally, usually contains stay dry fleece lining (but some newer brands now offer it in athletic wicking jersey) and a pocket opening at the back where absorbent inserts are stuffed in. One of the great advantages of the pockets is that you can customise the absorbency and use any material or brand of inserts. 

Snap in Pocket Cloth Nappies

A snap-in-pocket, comes in stay dry fleece lining or can also come in athletic wicking jersey, and has a pocket opening at the back and regularly often a pocket opening at the front too. Inside the pocket there is a popper, sometimes even two, one at the front and one at the back. The inserts then also come with poppers - so the inserts can be snapped into the nappy shell. Poppers are generally universal so you can mix and match snap in inserts with your favourite shaped nappy shells.

You will find a collection of Snap-In-Inserts with poppers here. 

The advantages of a Snap in Pocket over a traditional basic pocket is that you have the flexibility to be able to use it like a pocket or an All-in-One nappy. This makes laundry and prep much easier and quicker because the insert can be left snapped into the shell throughout use, wash and drying. That means no rooting around in the laundry basket for inserts to stuff into the pocket - saving you time. 

Find a list of our favourite Basic and Snap in Pockets below. 

Snap in Pocket Cloth Nappies we love:  

1. Alcmena V1.5 Snap in Pocket Nappy - RRP €19.99

2. Dinky Dodo Original Snap in Pocket Nappy - RRP €21.99

3. Econaps Snap in Pocket in Nappy  RRP €19.95 (on sale from €23.95) 

4. Mimi & Co Originals - RRP from €23.99

5. Smart Bottoms Organic Dream Diaper RRP €24.95 on sale from €29.95

Traditional Basic Pocket Cloth Nappies we love:  

1. Fiyyah Pokkit Pocket Cloth Nappy - RRP €17.99

2. Little Lamb Pocket Cloth Nappy RRP from €14.95 

3. Rumparooz Pocket Cloth Nappy RRP from €22.00 on sale from €27.50

4. Frank Nappies Pocket Cloth Nappy RRP €19.99 

5. My Little Gumnut Pocket Nappy RRP €13.99

We hope you find a cloth nappy you love from our suggestion!

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