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Little Lamb

Little Lamb - Vest Extenders 3 pack

Little Lamb - Vest Extenders 3 pack

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Fed up of baby's vest getting too small? 

Use this nifty device to extend the life by making the vest longer. 

Snap to the existing poppers on the vests and instantly lengthen them to make them last longer and help alleviate any compression problems that you might be having with your nappies.

It is often the case that tight-fitting vests can cause "compression leaks" with nappies, particularly those with a microfibre core. These vest extenders provide additional room to help prevent any pressure from being applied to the nappy and thus helping to stop moisture wicking.

Made using the most popular poppers, the vest extender will fit most EU brands.
A very useful waterproof drawstring bag for putting wet nappies in. It is large enough for a couple of nappies and great value. 

It is made in the same laminated poly knit fabric as our wraps and pocket nappies.

Available in a choice of colours to match your nappies, this is a nappy bag essential! 

38x24cms with a drawstring close.
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