How to have success with cloth nappies at the childminder

How to have success with cloth nappies at the childminder

How to have success with cloth nappies at the childminder.

Sending your little one off to a childminder can be a challenging time for parent and baby. Well don't let cloth nappies add to that stress -  follow these tips to keep it simple and easy for everyone.

1. Where possible send the same type and brand of nappies, this means that the childminder, who may be new to using cloth nappies, only has one fit to remember.

2. Pack your nappies stuffed with inserts and fleece or disposable liners ready to go. You can also close them on the right snaps so that the childminder can take a fresh one out and look at it while putting one on and match the same snaps. 

3. When leaving fit instructions, focus on the hip snap gap - "always leave X number of empty snaps in the middle", this is one number to remember and keeps it simple and easy.


4. While not essential, if you can take a picture of your little one in a cloth nappy with the right hip snaps closed and share it the childminder, they will have a reference to look at. Just focus on the snap closures. 

5.  Always send an extra nappy as a spare! If you usually go through 3 nappies a day, add 4 to the bag. 

6. For new cloth users, make it as easy as possible, you want to make cloth as easy as using disposables, so choose loose fitting vests and trousers. This will cut down on the risk of compression or wicking leaks caused by clothes fitting too tightly.

7. Send reusable cloth wipes in wet and ready to use in a handy container or wet bag. We love the small lock and seal tubs. 

8. Always send two wets bags, a medium one enough for holding that days nappies and a spare small wet bag enough for holding one nappy. This means any poop nappy can be bagged separately and contained. 


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