Pocket Nappies like Baba + Boo BTP Newborn

Alternative BTP and Newborn Pocket Nappies to Baba + Boo

What will pocket nappy loving parents do without the lovely Baba + Boo? 

We were all heart broken to hear the news that Baba + Boo were closing this doors, but how wonderful to have had them for 14 years.

Their pocket nappies have been extremely popular with parents, so we decided to look at what makes their Newborn and one Size pocket nappy so well loved and see what other brands offer a similar pocket nappy. 

Baba + Boos main appeal were their ease of use - a simple snap close basic pocket nappy with stuff in bamboo inserts.

  • Soft stay dry fleece lining and gentle but reliable leg elastic.
  • With a double internal gusset. 

So let’s have a look at some other pocket nappies available that offer a similar set of features. 

Fiyyah Pokkit Cloth Nappy - RRP €17.99

This was our first choice alternative to Baba + Boo - it boosts a lot of the same features, its has a soft fleece lined interior with double gusset and comes with two bamboo inserts. 

The nappy shell itself is generously sized and comes in a selection of wonderful gender neutral prints. The price point of €17.99 is very close to the Baba + Boo RRP.

As a next best to the infamous Baba + Boo  One Size Pocket, this ticks all the boxes and is our top choice. 

Fiyyah Pokkit Nappy


Fiyyah Newborn Pokkit Cloth Nappy RRP €13.99

We are seeing more and more All-in-One style newborn nappies but this newborn pocket nappy from Fiyyah is also very similar to the Baba + Boo Newborn Pocket. The main difference is that this nappy has a snap close whereas Baba + Boo had a velcro close. 

With a similar stay dry fleece lining, bamboo inserts and overall shell shape this is definitely a top choice alternative to the Baba + Boo Newborn pocket nappy. 

You can find a selection of Fiyyah Newborn and One size Pocket nappies here. 

Our last remaining stock of Baba + Boo is here - be quick, this won't last long! 

Keep an eye on our Preloved selection we may also have a stock of preloved Baba + Boo from time to time. 

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