How to deal with a messy poop in a cloth nappy

How to deal with a particularly messy poop in a cloth nappy - Step by Step Guide

Simple step by step guide to dealing with a particularly messy solid in a cloth nappy. 

If you are new to cloth nappies or are considering trying cloth nappies for the first time then the number one thing to stress is that this type of nappy scenario is not an everyday occurrence. Once your baby is well established on solids you might have a nappy like this once a week. This only applies once a baby is on solids - so over 6 months of age, prior to this poop is fully water soluble so it can be washed away in the rinse cycle of the washing machine. 

Low Mess. Low Stress.

Following the steps in this guide will make managing a messy poop situation in cloth nappies low stress and low mess.

Nappy Liners

Firstly using a disposable liner can make things much easier - you can simply remove this straight into the bin. However we don't always remember to put them into every nappy and sometimes they are insufficient to catch everything so you will still need to follow some of the steps below. (You can find disposable and reusable nappy liners here

Step 1 - Time

A messy poop situation is usually "messy" because it contains a lot of liquid, so its not really a solid consistency, making it difficult to shake into the toilet.

The good news is cloth nappies are made exactly for soaking up liquid - so if you simply close the nappy up and leave it for a period of time, the absorbent part of the nappy will soak up the excess moisture and leave behind the solids which are then more easily removed into the toilet. 

I would recommend closing it into a wet bag or placing it in a lidded bucket where it can't be discovered by inquisitive little fingers or house guests. 

Leave it for the remainder of the day or until the next day - generally up to 24 hours is enough. 

Step 2 - Shake into the toilet 

Its possible that now after leaving it for a period of time, you can just hold the nappy or the fleece liners upside down over the toilet and the solid will fall in.

Alternatively you can hold the fleece liner or nappy inside a clean toilet and press flush - keeping a firm hold onto the nappy, the flush action can remove any further solids.  

Step 3 - Hose it 

This is a fool proof way to remove any / all types of solids from a cloth nappy that have not been removed by the previous steps and it is easy to do.

You will need a designated "poop" nappy bucket, this is a bucket you use only for rinsing poop nappies - I keep mine stacked near the mop bucket and use it once a week or when required.

Hold the nappy over the edge of the bucket with your thumb pinching a clean part - with the messy part inside the bucket. Bring the bucket inside your shower and turn on the shower hose, spray down the messy part of the nappy - with all dirty water and solids being rinsed into the bucket. (Nothing goes down your shower drain)

Once the nappy is clear turn off the shower and put the, now very wet but poop free, nappy into your wet bag or directly into your washing machine for the rinse cycle. 

Pour the contents of the bucket into your toilet and flush away. Give your bucket a rinse out with fresh water and store for next time. 

As mentioned above - the number of times you get to Step 3 on this guide is limited. But when you do, hopefully the this will be helpful. 



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