Cloth Nappies for bigger babies, heavier wetters and toddlers

Nappies for bigger babies and toddlers - Check out the Bigger Fit Collection

Nappies for bigger babies and toddlers - check out our top selection of larger sized nappies.  

Getting the right fit is key for keeping little ones comfy and for avoiding any leaks caused by poor fit. Babies come in all shapes and sizes and potty train at different stages. As your little one grows you may find that one size or BTP nappies no longer cut it in terms of fit or absorbency. 

Here are our top selection of bigger fit cloth nappies for babies at the larger age and weight range. These are also a good option for heavier wetters as they contain more absorbency or are easier to add more absorbency to and still get a great fit. 

1. Lighthouse Kids Company Supreme 15-55 lbs

Available as an All in One or a Pocket Nappy, the LHK Supreme has a stretching outer shell and high hip snaps - all designed to accommodate the chunkiest of babies. 

2. Alcmena Snap & Wipe Nappy 

This is a true All in Two wipeable nappy - and one of the most generous fitting nappies we have tried, this is a BIG nappy and is our most recommended for toddlers and bigger babies.  

The cover is generous enough in sizing to fit over night time fitted nappy but still reliable and robust enough for daytime use with a snap in insert for a busy toddler. 

There are snaps at both ends of the nappy cover so inserts can be snapped in at one or both sides. 

The Alcmena Snap & Wipe comes with an insert set that includes a 5 layer hemp insert, a 5 layer bamboo insert and a 3 layer bamboo insert. The insert set can also be purchased separately. Ideal for heavier wetters or older toddlers. 


3. Buttons Diapers Super Nappy Wrap 

Another star buy for bigger babies and toddlers, this all in two nappy system comes in a Supper Nappy Wrap with a fit range of 12-40lbs. 

With double gusset leg elastic and extremely durable PUL this is a very reliable leak proof nappy option.

The  snap in inserts are bought separately in singles or packs of three and have been very thoughtfully created for optimal daytime or night time use and come in a selection sizes.

You should not need to add any additional boosters or inserts, the snap in insert suited to your babies size in either day time or night time should be all you need. 

4. Little Lamb Size 3 Pocket Nappy 

This is sized pocket nappy - it is the perfect fit for babies in the weight range of 35lbs +, the biggest nappy option that Little Lamb offer. 

It contains a bamboo trifold insert, but the pocket and the nappy is generously sized and can easily be boosted with additional inserts. The Little Lamb shaped Hemp Insert is the perfect size of this pocket nappy and is very slim fitting to add extra absorbency without extra bulk.  

5. Little Love Bum Snap & Wipe Max 

Another excellent All in Two snap and wipe option - with a generous fit range of 10-40lbs. This nappy has one of the softest PUL exteriors, lovely piped elastic and is very gentle on skin. 

Little Lovebum Snap & Wrap Max Nappy Cover

It comes in a fabulous selection of prints and is one of our most popular ranges. You have a huge selection of choice when it comes to choosing your absorbent insert for this nappy - any insert with a snap will work, so you can use any inserts you already have or any brand that you like. 

For larger toddlers or heavier wetters we particularly like the Little Lovebum Hemp & Bamboo Trifold in Size L or the Buttons Daytime Inserts in Size L or XL. 

6. Minimi Snap In Pocket Nappy

This nappy has a huge fit range - fitting from 4kgs right up to over 21kgs. Investing in this nappy from the outset of your cloth nappy journey means your nappies will fit well beyound the usual "birth to potty" range. 

This nappy comes with a Bamboo/Cotton Insert Set - one small and one large to suit all stages from birth to potty.

The perfect all rounder set to suit - use the smaller insert from birth. Use the larger insert as your baby grows or add both inserts together as you need more absorbency.

7. Little Lovebum Mighty 

This is a plus size nappy similar to a plus size in disposables, it is aimed more at heavier wetters due to its hemp base layer. Excellent value All in One solution - which means is less prep and easy to grab and go. 

8. Junior Bells Bums Hemp Fitted 

The ultimate nighttime nappy solution - this is the biggest fit nighttime nappy we can find. It is very generous and has snap risers to adjust for the perfect fit. We can use this on heavier nighttime wetters or older toddlers / children for a reliable dry night. 

This nappy is one of our top recommendations to mums who are using disposables but want to swap to cloth as the disposables no longer cut it. 

Pair this with the Bells Bums Breeze Nappy Wrap for the perfect waterproof cover - this is a HUGE nappy cover with fleece piped leg elastic. 

9. Buuh Preflats Nappies  

This is the ultimate customisable fit cloth nappy - the pre-flat is stretchy and closes with a snappi or nappy nippa fastener, meaning you can get a great fit on any baby. Easy to boast by folding in extra inserts of trifolds into the centre. 

Buuh Preflat Diapers
This is also a cost effective option as you will only need to change the preflat and can reuse your outer cover. 
Preflats can also be folded and used to stuff pocket nappies or inside night time nappies - they are extremely versatile. Available in a selection of materials. 
Suitable weight range from 6- 14kgs. 


11. Bells Bums Reusabelles Simplicity 

An alternative to a Preflat with a snappi or nappy nippa close - is this Simplicity. Which the name suggests, allows you to adjust the size with the snap risers on the front and  snap close around the hips. 

This nappy has a huge fit range from a tiny 6lbs up to a whopping 55lbs, an extremely cost effective option. 

You will find a full section of bigger fit nappies and inserts in our collection here. 


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