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My Baby is 6 months is it too late to start?

Can I start using cloth nappies at 6 months old? 

Yes, you can start your cloth nappy journey at any stage. Its never too late to start using cloth nappies, full time or part time. 

When it comes to the impact on the environment - every nappy counts!

  • Starting at 6-7 months can sometimes easier,  your out of the fog of the newborn days and babies needs less frequent nappy changes so you can get away with a smaller starter stash. 
  • Its also much easier to get a good fit on a slightly bigger baby. 
  • At this stage babies will often start sleeping longer stretches at night and cloth nappies can help keep baby comfortable, dry and leak free better than disposables. 
  • When you invest in cloth nappies, you do so with the knowledge that they will still have value when you are finished - you will always be able to use them on a 2nd child, sell them on or pass them on. 

So whatever stage you and your baby are at - its never too late to try out cloth nappies.

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