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How many reusable nappies do I need?

Any cloth mum will you tell you.... "you can never have too many nappies!!" 

How many you need will depend on your laundry routine, whether you are using cloth nappies full time or part time and the type of nappy you use. 

Washing every 2 days - you can manage with a lower number of nappies - 24. 

Washing every 3-4 days - you will need a larger number, 30-40. 

24 would be considered the minimum, 30-40 would be optimal and give you leeway for laundry.

You will always have some of your stash in some stage of the laundry - either dirty in the wet bag, in the machine or drying. So effectively you have two mini stashes - one your using, and one thats in the wash or drying. 

Ok now that I know how many I need - how do I pick nappies? 

Having a mixed selection of nappies in your stash from a variety of brands will give you plenty of variety and options to pick the best nappy for your situation. So aim for a small selection of pocket nappies, all in one nappies, wraps or all in two nappies, fitted nappies - collectively you will have a full nappy stash and an option for every situation. 

Your stash might look like this:

Pocket Nappies x 12 - Shop our Pocket Nappy Collection  

All in One or Hybrid Nappies x 12 - Shop our All in One Nappy Collection 

Wraps / Covers x 6 and Fitted or Flat nappies x 8

Hemp or Bamboo boosters x 6 

Fleece Liners x 20 

Roll of disposable liner

Reusable Wipes x 20

Nappy Wet Bags - large, medium, small - Shop Wet Bags 

Now you have your shopping list you can pick nappies based on budget and style. 

Shop our Nappy Starter Bundle for the best value and selection to get started. 

Growing your Stash

When your baby gets bigger, starts to eat solids and drinks from a sippy cup - the time has come to start using extra inserts and boosters. You will need to invest in some additional Hemp or Bamboo inserts to give an extra absorbent "boost" to your nappies.

You may also find that as your baby grows, a nappy that was your favourite style for months, might not be working as well as it did previously.

As your baby grows, you can adjust the snap rise settings of a nappy and maybe add boosters - finding the right combination of absorbency and fit can be trial and error. However when you have a few different styles in your stash you can easily adjust and find the best fitting nappy option.


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