Do babies need bigger clothes for cloth nappies?

Do babies need bigger clothes for cloth nappies?

Just like with adults clothes you will find a huge variation in the size and shape of baby clothes of the same size range across different stores and brands.

Babies also come in all shapes and sizes so finding the right size clothes is very individual. 

When it comes to using cloth nappies you will certainly need to size up in vests during the newborn and earlier months. And particularly at nighttime.

Opt for trousers which have more of a shaped bum for cloth nappies and stretchy or loose fabrics. These are invariably easier to put onto tiny arms and legs than fitted or structured material, whether you are using cloth or disposable diapers. 

You will also find brands which make baby clothes, particularly harem style trousers specifically for cloth bum babies. Although these can cost a little more they are worth it and generally you are supporting a sustainable business. 

The best high street brands we've found and tested to work well with cloth bums are Next, particularly for newborn to 12 month age range. You will likely need to size up in whatever range you choose. 

We also find H&M and Tesco range great. Funnily you may notice that plain colour trousers can have a better stretch than patterned trousers in some ranges.

Babies tend to be at their chunkiest just before they start crawling so this can be the most difficult age to fit clothes for - even for non cloth diaper babies. 

Once babies start moving and walking they tend to lean up and fitting clothes becomes much easier. By 12-18 months they tend to match into their current age range and you no longer need to size up. 

For night time diapering you will most certainly need to size up in vests, nighttime nappies are much bigger than daytime nappies. 

An essential for cloth diapering is a handy accessory called a vest extender, this gives an extra couple of inches room in a vest. 

Cloth Diaper Vest Extenders

 Cloth nappy vest extenders little lamb vest extenders

Here are some high street retails where we found a range of range of pants and vests more suited to cloth bums. 

High street brands Clothes cut for cloth diaper bums

Here you'll find a range of fabulous Irish retailers a s brand which stock a selection of Handmade, organic or scandi clothes designed with cloth bums in mind:


Irish kids clothes retailers with cut for cloth bum harem pants


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