Why are Night Nappies different?

Why are Night Nappies different?

What you need to know when choosing nappies for nighttime. 

The cloth nappies used at nighttime need to keep your baby dry for 12+ hours so they need much greater absorbency than daytime nappies. 

But choosing nighttime nappies doesn't need to be complicated - there are some very reliable tried and tested nappies that cloth mums have used for years.

At the newborn stage and during the early weeks while you are still changing a nappy during the night, you don't need a different type of night time nappy - daytime nappies will work just fine.

Although for a side or tummy sleeping baby a fitted nappy with a cover will likely be the most suitable. 

Once you want a nappy to last beyond 6 hours and up to 12+ hours, you will need a high absorbency nappy so you aren't waking to wet baby grows and bed sheets.

When your baby is finally sleeping sounding through the night - been woken up by wet bed sheets is very frustrating. Many parents who use disposables during the daytime will use cloth nappies at nighttime for this exact reason -  so the whole family can get a good night's sleep. 

It is possible to boost up a regular day time nappy to use overnight if you have a light wetter, and some All in Two Nappy systems are now available with excellent hemp night time inserts.  But it is usually a good idea to invest in some specific fitted night nappies, as they provide more absorbency and better containment. 


Cloth nappies at night time

A two-part system for overnight is the most successful combination, comprised of a high absorbency fitted nappy, boosters and a separate waterproof nappy cover, or a wool cover. 


A fitted nappy is typically made from either cotton, bamboo or hemp - or some combination of all three. These materials will increase in absorbency the more they are washed. 


Fitted Nappies are sized generally in Size 1 or Newborn , Size 2 or Birth To Potty , or Size 3 which is a junior /toddler size. Some BTP nappies will fit well beyond 35lbs.  

Fit Tip: For a heavier wetter, you may need to add additional boosters of size up in a fitted nappy. This can make the nappy bulky - you can use a cover which is one size bigger than the Fitted Nappy. This allows for an excellent fit combination that will keep clothing dry and keep the baby comfortable. 

Night time nappy combinations and boosting

Getting the right combination can sometimes be a case of a trial and error. If you have leak and the nappy is saturated, you need more boosters. If the nappy is not saturated by morning, you can remove a booster. But once you find what works, then you shouldn't need to adjust it. 

Folding and positioning boosters can also help with longer lasting absorbency. Boosters can be placed either inside the nappy, or between the nappy and the cover.

Remember babies may also change their night wetting habits as they grow. Dropping a night feeding or reducing daytime feeding can impact on how many boosters a night nappy might need. You may find that a younger baby who feeds more will wet through a nappy faster than an older baby who is feeding less. 

If you have a baby boy a folded insert to the front of the nappy will suit best. 

If your baby (either gender) is a tummy sleeper, add extra folded inserts right to the front of the nappy and ensure you have a very snug fit at the waist.

Side sleeper need a good quality fitted nappy and boosters in the middle. 

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As a two part system, you will need to pair your fitted nappy with a waterproof cover. Here's a selection of our favourites.  Shop our full collection of Wraps 


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