7 Reasons why to use cloth nappies?-The Nappy Market

7 Reasons why cloth nappies are better for your baby and the planet.

On the fence about cloth nappies? Want to try them but not sure if they’re for you? Here’s 7 reasons you, your pocket and your baby will love them!!

1. It will save money - a considerable amount of money if you have more than one child. Plus they have a resale value.  Find out how much here. 

2. Better for the environment - you’re contributing to the reduction of tons of waste going to landfill. (Everyday in Ireland 1.2 million disposable nappies go to landfill!)

3. No chemicals near babys skin - cloth nappies are made from natural fibers. Whereas disposable nappies use (Read more chemicals in disposable nappies here

4. During lockdown some shops experienced a shortage of nappies, future disruption to supply chains could see disposables out of stock.

5. Makes shopping easier - no last minute dash to the shop to by nappies. No trying to squeeze nappies into shopping bags on a weekly basis 

6. No heavy bin bags full of wet or pooy nappies to carry out! 

7. Cute prints - I mean is this not the greatest reason? Nappies are more like an item of clothes, you can match to the seasons and styles - there are hundreds to choose from!! 

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