5 Tips for Drying Nappy Laundry

5 Tips for Drying Nappy Laundry

5 tips for Drying Cloth Nappies in Ireland.

Nappy laundry is small so you don't need much space. If you have a mixed selection of nappy types you'll have some items which are very quick drying and others which will need a little longer. 

1. Use a clothes horse, indoors in a warm airy room or outdoors in the sunshine. Its easier and quicker to hang items on a clothes horse rather than peg one by one directly onto the clothes lines. 

2. Use your hot press - it's always warm, so it's ideal for drying small things. Make a homemade peg hanger to use the space in the ceiling of your hot press to hang small things. 

3. Use a sunny window sill in your spare room, this is the perfect place for drying reusable wipes. 

4. In the winter place a dehumidifier near your laundry, this is an inexpensive way to speed up drying without needing to pump your heating up. You can get them in any home store.

5. Tumble dry on low heat - ideally after air drying you can finish off the tumble dry so they are dry and soft ready to go onto a baby bum!


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