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How much will I save with reusable nappies?

Is there a saving to be had using cloth nappies compared to disposables? 

You will save approximately €1,000 by using reusable nappies compared to disposables over the lifetime of a child. That saving doubles if you use them on a second child. 

The average child over 2.5 years will need about 5,000 nappy changes, costs vary considerably across brands but approximately €1,000 - €1,500 per child.

A stash of reusable nappies will cost less than half of that, you can buy excellent quality second hand for less again. If we add in an extra €100 for laundry costs over the course of the 2.5 years, you are still saving money by using cloth nappies.

You may also save on your refuse costs - if you have regular bin collection, using cloth will cut down considerable on the weight of your waste rubbish bin. 

Grocery shopping is also invariably easier when you have less bulky items to pack or carry, so using cloth means you don't need to remember to buy nappies in the supermarket each week! 

Further Savings

And you can also use the same nappies on subsequent babies or resell them - overall there is a significant cost saving over time. 

This is all before we even mention the saving to the environment. 

"€30 for one nappy - thats very expensive?"

One €30 nappy used once every 4 days for 2.5 years is 325 uses. 325 disposable nappies will cost you at least €50 or more.

If you use the same €30 nappy on your next child, your savings triple. 

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