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Preloved Nappy Buyers Guide

What do I need to know about buying Preloved Nappies? 

A reusable nappy is exactly how it is described... "reusable". So its designed from material that can withstand 100s of washes and uses, across the same or multiple bums!! 

Buying preloved cloth nappies is an affordable way to build up a stash. Once the item has been cared for in accordance with the washing instructions, the velcro and leg elastic are still good - then the nappy continues to be perfectly functional. 

Whether you buy new or preloved you will always need to wash at 40c / 60c before the first use.

In fact if you buy new, you may need to wash the nappy up to 8 times before the first use in order to build up the absorbency - one advantage of buying a preloved nappy is that the nappy will already be at its full absorbency ready for use!

Bacteria is killed at 60 degrees. 

Preloved Buying Guide Conditions

As New 

New but not in the packet, may have been pre-washed but has not been used. 

EUC (Excellent Used Condition) 

Has been used and washed a handful of times, very little use or wear visible - physically in perfect condition. 

VGUC (Very Good Used Condition) 

Has been used regularly, it may have slight wear & tear to the inner fabric or inserts (bobbling etc). 

GUC (Good Used Condition) 

Has been used fairly regularly, more noticeable bobbling/wear & wear to the tabs, inners & inserts. Elastic and velcro will have more noticeable wear. 

All nappies will still be perfectly functional for use.  

Why pick preloved over New? 

Buying preloved allows you to get more for your money. You can often buy an item which is still perfectly functional for a fraction of the price of buying new. It allows you to try different styles and types of nappies before you decide what suits you and your baby best. 

Its is also better for the planet if we can start to "share" our goods and create a more circular approach. It gives money back to other cloth mums who sell their nappies. Everyone benefits. Shop our preloved collection. 

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