5 reasons why reusable swim nappies are better than disposables

5 reasons why reusable swim nappies are better than disposables

Choosing a reusable swim nappy is an earth friendly choice that both your pocket and the planet will love! 

Let's look at why reusable swimming nappies are so much better than disposable nappies:

1. They are significantly cheaper! One pack of disposable swim nappies costs as much as one reusable swim nappy which can be used over and over again.

2. Reusable swim nappies are better for the environment. Disposable swim nappies require more raw materials to make and take over 500 years to decompose. Thats a massive environmental cost for something that's worn for maybe 10 mins in the pool!

3. You don’t have to change them as often. Disposable swim nappies swell up and sag after being in the water. So if you are at the beach or pool for a while, you will go through several disposables. Reusable swim nappies are fast-drying, and you would only need to change in the instance of a number 2.

4. Disposables get heavy & saggy after a swim. Cloth swim nappies hold their shape no matter what.

5. They are easier to change as they snap around the waist rather than being pulled up over sandy thighs covered in sunscreen like disposables. They can also be popped into a wet bag after use vs trying to find a bin for your soggy disposables.

Finally... they are so much cuter! 

Here's our top swim nappy selection: 

1. Smart Bottoms Lil Swimmers Swim Nappy

We love the elasticated legs and waist making it very easy to use and also super cost effective as it will continue to fit a growing baby. Snap closed at the side. 

2. Econaps Swim Nappy 

Econaps Swim Nappy Sand Pin Stripe
Available in a fabulous range of gender neutral prints the Econaps Swim Nappy is a timeless classic. It is our top choice for newborn swim diapers as it comes in a tiny fit range from small (4kg) up to large (11kg+ ). 

3. Bare & Boho Reusable Swim Nappy 

Bare & Boho Reusable Swim Nappy Blue Lines Ireland  Water Babbies Happy Nappy

Ideal for a day at the beach or by the pool, the Bare & Boho Swim Nappy has super soft elastic and is adjustable with rise poppers and side hip snaps. Available in One Size and Junior Fit - fantastic for bigger babies. 

Shop the full range of swim nappies here with next delivery in Ireland and international shipping available. Not sure what else you need for a day at the Beach - check out our Guide for Cloth Nappy Summer Essentials 


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