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Whats missing from my baby shopping list?

What you need to add to your baby shopping list 

From the moment we find out we're going to be parents, we spend hours googling and making lists. Jobs to do around the house and items to purchase, checking them twice, to try to be prepared for when the baby arrives.

Make sure to add reusable nappies to your baby list - Heres 7 Reasons to Choose Reusable Nappies 

They can cost anywhere between €250 and €500 but if you factor them into your baby budget early you can allow for them. They will be the only nappies you ever need to buy until your little one is toilet trained - a worthwhile investment!!

You can buy a few each month or as you see sales on the ones you want, that way you can build up a stash of nappies over time. Or ask friends or family for cloth nappy vouchers as a baby present. 

What can you do to prepare for using cloth nappies before your baby arrives: 
  • Join the Cloth Nappy Facebook Chat Group - this will help you learn all about using cloth nappies before your baby arrives. It will also give you feedback from other mums on brands they like, tips, tricks and problem solving. 
  • Read through our Nappy Advice Section to help answer any questions you might have.
  • If you feel committed to using cloth and know what type you would like to try, buy a few here and there so spread the cost. Consider getting a cloth nappy loan kit. 
  • Prewash your nappies before your baby arrives. If you have bought preloved nappies, you can do a strip wash. If you have bought brand new nappies, they will need to be washed several times before the first use.
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