LMFM SInead Brassil Kate Doyle Cloth Nappies

Mumtrepreneur Kate Doyle talks to Sinead Brassil from LMFM

Intrigued to learn more about Cloth Nappies, Sinead Brassil from LMFM interviews Kate Doyle about her time as Chair of the Cloth Nappy Library and setting up The Nappy Market. 

Speaking to Sinéad on 11-1 Kate explains that when she became pregnant with her first child she began researching everything you need to know about having a baby from what pram to buy to whether to breast feed or use formula but there was very little information about sustainable alternatives to disposable nappies.

'I came across a cloth nappy support group on Facebook and got lots of information so we decided to use a combination of cloth and disposable nappies with our first child, however I soon started telling my husband that we didn't use a disposable nappy one day which then turned into a week so we stopped using them altogether'.

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