Sending Cloth Nappies to the Childminder

Sending cloth nappies to the childminder

A day in the life of Rachael

We hear from Cloth Mum Rachael who sends cloth nappies to the childminder with her little one. 

7:15 wake up change nappy- we use Little Lambs pocket nappies and cloth wipes. Dirty nappy goes into our nappy bucket.
8:00 dressed and nappy change to head to childminder. We send a wet bag and several nappies to the childminders. She puts them in the wet bag for us to take home at the end of the day.
4:30 home from childminder. Check nappy and change if needed. Throw dirty nappies and wet bag into nappy bin.
6:45 time to get ready for bed, nappy change and nightime nappy inserts put in.
7:30 put load of nappies into the washing machine if bucket is full. We use poo liners and put the liners and poo in the outside bin. The nappies and inserts get thrown in for a 40c wash with non-bio detergent. We hang the inserts up to dry and throw into the dryer for 30 mins if needed the next day. The waterproof outer layer are hung up to dry.

Next day

7:15 wake up and nappy change
8:00 nappy change, get dressed, put bag together for childminder.
8:30 I put together the dry nappies before I start work. I WFH so have a little bit of time in the mornings after the girls leave. I put the nappies back in the drawer to start all over again!
We bought our nappies 4 years ago when I was pregnant with our first and we're using the same nappies now for our second daughter. Only 2 snaps have broken off over these 4 years. Rarely have nappy rash, never run out of nappies, and saved a ton of money and nappies from heading to the landfill. We love them!
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