Reusable Wipes - wipe away single use

Reusable Wipes - wipe away single use

Reusable Wipes  - everything you need to know to say goodbye to single use. 

Reusable wipes are not a new phenomenon - we have used terry cotton face cloths and dish cloths everyday, so making the move to reusable baby wipes makes a lot of sense. 

Unlike cloth nappies reusable cloth wipes are not designed to soak up pee so they don't have very much absorbency. This makes them super quick to dry for fast laundry turn around.

They are an effective cleaning cloth, sturdy and gentle, they won't fall apart in your hand or you won't accidentally poke your finger through mid clean. 

Cloth wipes are available in a variety of materials and sizes. 

They can be used for cleaning bums, faces and hands. Simple wet enough in the morning to do for the day - you will generally only need one wipe per nappy change. 

Storing Cloth Wipes

Storing cloth wipes has never been easier, when at home, using a small lunchbox is ideal. We love the small twist lock and seal boxes and keep one with wet wipes upstairs, downstairs and a spare for sending in the nappy bag to childminder. 

When out and about you can use a small wet bag to bring enough wipes for 1-2 changes or any messy hands.

Little Lovebum Wipes Pouch-Wet Bag-Little Love Bum-A New Dawn-The Nappy Market 

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Washing Cloth Wipes

If using cloth nappies then washing wipes is simple - just throw them into your nappy storage bag or pail and wash them with your nappies as usual. If you are not using cloth nappies, wash on 40 or max 60 degrees with no fabric softener and line dry. 

Drying Tip: We like to dry our wipes on a sunny windowsill indoors - they dry fast and its quicker to spread them out than peg them. 

What other cloth parents have to say:

"Love these ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I never planned to use reusable wipes but it started getting annoying using disposables while using cloth nappies because you couldn't just wrap the wipes up with your nappies and throw them in the wet bag so I decided to give them a go and it was the best switch ever. My partner could use up to 6 disposable wipes in one nappy change now he only needs 1. They're really thick and good quality. Highly recommend."

Our favourite reusable cloth wipes: 

#1. Little Lovebum Bamboo Velour Reusable Wipes - 10 pack €13.95 

Incredibly soft bamboo velour - luxurious for cleaning the most soft and gentle skin. 

LIttle Lovebum Bamboo Reusable Wipes 10 pack-Accessories-Little Love Bum-The Nappy Market

#2 Eco Min Zero Waste Muslin Wipes - 5 pack €6.99 

For the eco conscious - we are delighted to bring you incredible muslin zero waste wipes, made from bright, beautiful waste cut off material. Not only are you preventing waste from single use disposable wipes but going a step further and reducing fabric waste too. 

Eco Mini Zero Waste Wipes

#3 Little Lamb Bamboo Wipes - 10 pack €14.95 

Excellent size and lovely shape, just the right size to hold. Available in a range of colours. 

Little Lamb Reusable Wipes 10 pack-Accessories-Little Lamb-Blush-The Nappy Market


#4 MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes - 12 pack €12.50

One of the bigger wipes we stock, excellent value for money, popular for make-up removal too, especially the black. 


MuslinZ 12Pk Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes 20x20cm-Accessories-MuslinZ-Unbleached-The Nappy Market

#5 Avo + Cado single or double sided reusable wipes - 12 or 15 pack from €9.95

Our all time best sellers - Avo + Cado basic cloth wipes comes in two options, a single sided flannel or a double sided flannel and cotton terry when more vigorous cleaning is called for. 

Avo & Cado Flannel Cotton Reusable Wipes with Terry - 12 Pack-Accessories-Avo & Cado-The Nappy Market

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