Colour Code Nappy Hack Longer Wear Shorter Wear Nappies

The Color Code Nappy Hack

Are you at the stage of needing to add boosters to daytime nappies? Don't have enough boosters for all your nappies?

Try this hack to get the most from the boosters you have in your stash.

Colour code (or brand code) your nappies into "longer" wear and "shorter" wear nappies. 

Add the boosters to all your patterned nappies and leave the solid colour nappies without boosters - this essentially gives you a stash of longer time nappies (the ones with the boosters) and shorter time nappies (the ones without boosters) - easily colour coded! 

You can then select the most suitable nappy based on your daily routine from either the longer wear stash or the short wear stash.

You can also brand code by boosting all the same brand or simply stack them in two different piles so you know which is which.


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