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Managing childcare with reusable nappies

How will I manage cloth nappies for Childcare?

As a cloth nappy parent the idea of asking their childcare provider to use cloth nappies can be a source of worry - finding a childcare place is stressful enough, you don't want to then be the "awkward" parent.  However, reusable nappies are becoming much more common, most nurseries and childcare providers are extremely happy to jump on board with cloth nappies!


Whether it's a family member, childminder or creche - talk to them; explain that you use cloth nappies, keep it simple and answer any questions they might have.

Explain what you will be sending each day and come to some agreements on what will suit best, most people choose to send velcro all-in-ones or pocket nappies for ease as they are most similar to disposables. Ask them if they would like a demo, or a printed sheet for guidance. 

It's also worth discussing the poo - how to remove it into the toilet using the liner, not all creches will have the facilities or time to deal with this and so may wish to simply roll them up, bag them and send them home for you. Whereas smaller settings may be more than happy to deal with it!

So long as there is clear communication and everyone gets their questions answered, there should be no issues. 

What you will need:

  • Nappies- the number will depend on the amount of time they are in childcare but remember to send an extra one in case of leaks. Much like being at home, have a stash of ready to go nappies in a bag, lots of creches have a cubby for each child to stash spare clothes, so the nappies can store there
  • Wet bag- to send home dirties, make sure they know nappy sacks are not needed and they can put the nappies straight into the bag. You can get a nappy bag with two zip compartments - one zipper part for the clean nappies and one for the used nappies. You can also bring in extra Small Wet Bags for any poop nappies so its double bagged. 
  • Wipes- it might be worth asking if the childcare setting would prefer them to be brought in wet or dry. You can store these in a small wet bag or lunch box. 
  • Liners- ideally have the liners in the nappies so they are prepped to go straight on a bum. 
  • Spare clothes- remember some childminders might be new to cloth and might have a couple of fit related leaks so send extra clothes!

Each day you bring the bag of dirties home and bring a fresh one back the next day. It works well to have a slightly bigger stash of nappies at the creche, you only need to top up then every few days.


Our top tips:

  • Pre-stuff all your nappies if using pockets - for ease, also line them so they are ready to go. 
  • Use the same/similar nappy type if possible - this will help to reduce confusion as some nappies fit differently to others. Nappies with velcro closing work well. 
  • Support them with a fit demonstration.
  • If using snaps, set aside one nappy that is closed on the right snaps as an example, the childminder can look at this one and close the same snaps to match.
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