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Where can I buy cloth nappies in Ireland?

In Ireland cloth nappies are not yet mainstream, but awareness is growing. 

You can buy cloth nappies from one of the dedicated online cloth nappy retailers or eco stores - including the Nappy Market! You can buy in person from us at the Earthday Baby Fair April 2023. 

Reusable nappies are also available on Amazon or other international retailers however we would love if you supported Irish retailers!  

Some of the premium brands which use organic materials retail new around €30, but you can buy excellent quality second hand ones for half of that price. We have a huge selection of Preloved Cloth Nappies here. 

There are also a large selection of excellent quality mid range brands available for under €20 - view our Nappy Collection here. 

In 2022 Aldi offered Bambino Mio nappies in their middle-aisle as part of their baby event, this is great as it brings cloth into the mainstream -  keep an eye out, they may repeat this. 

The government has also introduced an incentive scheme for cloth nappies, we hope to see this more widely available in 2023. 

Happy shopping! 

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