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Bambinex Bamboo Fitted Nappy

Bambinex Bamboo Fitted Nappy

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Bambinex Bamboo nappy comes with a booster that pops inside. You detach and remove the booster while baby is at the lower weight range of the nappy and add it back in as they get older and need the full absorbency.  Bambinex Bamboo is also suitable for night times when used with additional high absorbency boosters such as the Ellas House Bum Boosters or Motherease Sandys Boosters.

Bambinex Bamboo are a two part system so need a waterproof wrap over the top. Bambinex make their own economical onesize wraps or if your budget can stretch to them the Motherease Rikki/ Airflow are our favourite and an excellent choice.  When you change baby you will change the inner nappy but reuse the outer cover. Generally you will change 4 inner nappies before you need to change the outer wrap.

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