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Breberky Nappy Wrap

Breberky Nappy Wrap

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This is a preloved product in Excellent Used Condition. 

The classic PUL covers are used as the outer layer of a nappy. As an absorbent core, you can place  almost any absorbent part under them, adapting the diaper to your current needs.  The more absorbent the absorbent core you choose, the longer the diaper will last.

These covers are very thin , so they will only add minimal volume, it will be influenced primarily by the size of the absorbent part you choose. The modern PUL material is 100% waterproof and protects clothes from getting wet. However, its membrane is breathable (it works similarly to softshell or goretex) and thanks to this  , the child's skin can breathe. Fine edging along with slightly pleated elastics  , they perfectly adapt to different body types and ensure that all accidents always stay inside the diaper . 

Advantages in a nutshell:

  • breathable
  • thin and pliable
  • very quick dry  (after removing from the washing machine, it is enough to just let the edging dry for a while)
  • variable selection of the absorbent part of the diaper  (fits all systems)
  • soft pleating and soft edging
  • physiological cut allowing free movement

Sizes :

Each size can be very easily adjusted in the height of the seat with snaps and in the circumference of the tummy thanks to Velcro or snaps (depending on which type you preferred when purchasing).

  • Newborn  (S) - from birth to 8 kg
  • One size  (M) - from 6kg to 15kg
  • XL - from 12kg to 18kg

The specified ranges are indicative - it depends on the proportions.

Material and maintenance :  

  • Briefs: PUL 100% recycled polyester laminated with polyurethane (Made in EU)
  • Lining: Fleece 100% recycled polyester (made in the EU)
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