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Button Diapers One Size Nappy Wrap/Cover 9-35lbs

Button Diapers One Size Nappy Wrap/Cover 9-35lbs

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Button Diapers nappy covers/wraps are soft, leak-proof, and durable nappy covers. They are part of a two part snap & wipe cloth nappy system.

The double-gussets around the legs keeps the mess in, so your little one can run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease.

Elastic at the back and tummy makes a custom fit. The durable snaps allow the covers to adjust to fit babies from 9-35 lbs (or choose the bigger Super covers for babies 12-40lbs here) 

Clip in a Buttons insert (sold separately) and your nappy is ready to go. When it’s time to change your baby, just unclip the insert and wipe the inside of the cover, if it’s not soiled, and clip in a fresh insert and pop it on the bum! So easy to use and less washing!! 

The one-size nappy cover features: 

- Two layers of PUL throughout (wipe-able interior)

- Double leg gussets

- Waist elastic at back and tummy 

- One row of waist snaps

- Insert snaps to snap Buttons inserts in place

- Compatible with all Buttons diaper inserts 

Save money and the environment and keep nasty chemicals away from your baby’s delicate skin  


Wildwood’s background is not brown as it looks in the photo, it’s more of a charcoal grey or slightly navy in some light. I’ve added a photo (it’s a Super wrap) to try to show it better!!

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