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Little Lamb

Little Lamb Bamboo Night Bundle

Little Lamb Bamboo Night Bundle

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If you are looking for a nighttime reusable nappy kit you've just found it! This kit also saves you up to15% compared to purchasing items separately. 

Night Set Come in Two Options:

2 Fitted Banboo Nappies + 1 Nappy Cover €31.95


4 Fitted Bamboo Nappies + 2 Nappy Covers €59.95

These fitted nappies provide an extraordinary absorbency and a comfortable fit for your baby. These are one of our Nappy Market top picks for a dry night!

These nappies are inexpensive, easy-to-use, well-fitting nappy that you can rely on to give baby long-lasting dryness. These nappies create the traditional 'fluffy bum' silhouette cloth nappies are famous for, which is truly adorable. 

Little Lamb fitted nappies are a stash staple for thousands of happy cloth-using families. Many nappy retailers highly recommend this nappy as a durable, long-lasting nighttime nappy. 

Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton but does not last as long and takes longer to dry. New bamboo nappies are also incredibly soft, but they will get harder over time, to soften them, you can put them in the tumble drier for a quick fluff up. Bamboo is by far our most popular fitted nappy. 

They are designed for daytime and nighttime use. 

These fitted nappies and nappy covers close with velcro. 

  • Oeko-tex certified fabrics
  • Ethically made using high-quality components
  • Requires a waterproof wrap
  • Size 1: 7lbs - 20lbs (3kgs - 9kgs) 
  • Size 2: 20lbs-38lbs (9kgs -17kgs) 
  • Size 3: 35lbs+ (16kg+


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