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Little Lamb

Little Lamb Nappy Wrap Size 1

Little Lamb Nappy Wrap Size 1

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For babies 7-18/20lbs.

LittleLamb wraps are made from a naturally s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y and soft knitted poly fabric with a breathable membrane bonded to the inside (PUL). This ensures air can circulate through the material, keeping the temperature down, but the larger moisture molecules are kept inside.

The result is a wrap that keeps wee and poop contained.

We designed these wraps to fit around our shaped nappies perfectly, but they fit most other brands of shaped and flat nappies.

As both the nappy and wrap have elasticated back and thigh seams, 'poo explosions' up to the neck are almost unheard of.

Our wraps are hypoallergenic, chemically inert and fully conform to the E.U. ReACH regulations for dyestuffs. All the components used in the wraps have Oeko-tex Standard100 certification for garments used next to a baby's immature skin.

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