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Little Love Bum

Little Lovebum - XL Hanging Wet Bag

Little Lovebum - XL Hanging Wet Bag

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These extra large wet bags hold approximately 20 nappies and can easily be hung from the back of a door, making them ideal for taking away on holiday instead of your bulky nappy bucket. You can even use them at home and do away with the nappy bucket altogether, saving valuable floor space! Once your little one is out of nappies, they can be repurposed as general laundry bags too.

They are made from water-resistant PUL to keep moisture and odours in. They feature 2 zippered pockets so you can store dry items in one and used/damp items in the other. 

Simply empty out into the washing machine, throw the wet bag into the machine along with the nappies, and hang to dry.

Size: 38 x 68cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ariane van den Hof

A good size and easy to carry around with the handle. A pretty design too.

Maria Paula

Excellent bag. Practical and beautiful.