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Mimi & Co Originals Value Nappy Bundle Save 25%

Mimi & Co Originals Value Nappy Bundle Save 25%

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Mimi &  Co Originals are unique, highly reviewed, award-winning reusable Modern Cloth Nappy is fast becoming the choice of modern parents who want the best for their babies, their wallets, and the environment. 

This is an All in Two Pocket nappy bundle containing 6 cloth nappies:

*2 x Mimi & Co 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappies  

*4 x Mimi & Co 1.0 Modern Cloth Nappies

Prints are gender neutral and will be taken from a selection of in stock prints. 

Saving 25% on the cost of purchasing individually. Fantastic value for money. 


Nappy features: 

+ Sustainably made from post-consumer Recycled Plastic

+ Suitable for most babies 2.5kg - 20kg 

+ Unique design can be used as a pocket nappy or simply snap your inserts in

+ Baby will feel dry, cool & rash-free with an Athletic Wicking Jersey lining

+ Narrow crotch for a superior fit

+ Soft-lined, inner double-gussets provide ultimate leak-proof protection

+ Wide Back Elastics

+ Tummy panel leak guard with elastics

Cloth Nappy Inserts


+ Insert is able to be folded along the length of the insert to use with babies of all shapes and sizes.

+ Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability.


+ Hemp fleece absorbs up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch.

+ Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes.


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